Hello, I’m David.

I like to tell stories. I am a documentary videomaker and editor.

I know what I takes to be handed hours footage and dive into it to create something entertaining and emotional.

I am a reliable source of ideas and creativity. I like to brainstorm and I’m very good at working with others to develop their vision. I like to tackle complex subjects and use my creative tools to portray them in an engaging way for the viewer.

I have experience as a producer, director, sound recordist and story producer and draw on all of these to help me excel in my favorite role as an editor. In the last 5 years, I have focused on long-form editing, primarily non-fiction TV and streaming/online.

I have worked for VICELAND, Refinery29, Vox Media, Michael Moore, Retro Report/The NYTimes and others.

I speak Portuguese and Spanish (in addition to my native English). I love music and play records often.

Email me: hidavidf (at) gmail (dot) com