Vincent Fournier's photography captures a longing for the space age that lives somewhere between the recently made-possible and the science fiction of the '70s and '80s. Inspired by trips to the Paris museum of science, Vincent has been fascinated by the machine world since his youth and incorporates it into most of his work.

Picture Perfect visits Vincent Fournier at his studio in Paris, France where we talk about his unique process and distinct style that merges fantasy with reality in photographs of rockets, otherworldly landscapes, research facilities, and cosmonauts. We then travel with Fournier to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida prior to the last space shuttle launch.

In his "Space Project," Vincent pays homage to the world's great centers of space exploration and study: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Russia, Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, various observatories and antenna arrays, and, most recently, the Ariane Space Center in French Guiana. Just this past month, Vincent finally got permission to shoot in NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, home of the soon-to-be-closed space shuttle program, and Vincent's holy grail.

VICE PHOTO ISSUE 2011 "The End of the Future"